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Stonework in the Woods

By 1900, most of New England had been de-forested, with over 80% of the trees taken for fuel, by farming and by logging. Those "stonewalls" and "stonepiles" now in the woods were often in pastures or cleared lands, and so it was assumed they were all of post-Contact origin, and only in forests now because we've let our forests grow back. This was an incorrect assumption...

Types of Stonework

There are different forms of possibly ritually significant stonework in New England, what USET (United South & Eastern Tribes) calls Ceremonial Stone Landscapes

Boulder Forms

Boulders were often placed, perched and propped, possibly in ritually significant ways. Boulders are also still often associated with Indigenous Peoples in the Northeast.

Stone Chambers

There's something about Stone Chambers. If Mike has found anything which the chambers have in common, it's that each chamber is unique in its own way.

Stone Assemblages

From stone rows to cairn-like petroforms, many possible stone prayers are covered by this perhaps overly-general category.